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    Gameplay Changes
    - Cap changed to 70
    - Exp/Sp Rates changed to 5x
    - Alchemy stone rate changed to 78%
    - Mastery limit is 210 for Chinese
    - Magic pop, DMG scrolls, Premium Ticket and Devil Spirit are removed
    - Pots, Pills, Arrows and Bolts stack in 250 stacks
    - New characters begin with 20,000 SP
    - Trade routes now give increased gold by 200%-400%
    - Tablets no longer drop, instead Stones drop in there place
    - All 11d set A gear made level 70 & available in the battle arena manager
    - Added 11d stones to Generals and Mages as well as arena manager
    - Battle Arena is scheduled for every 2 hours
    - Bunwhang, Penons, Yeti and Generals spawn doubled
    - Basic wolf pet added to battle arena manager (cost 7 tokens)
    - Clock of Reincarnation added to battle arena manager (cost 40 tokens)

    World Map Changes
    - World size deemed too large for active jobbing encounters. At its peak iSro had 3k players spread over only 3 zones and even then some areas were empty dead zones. We want a server that's all about jobbing, guilds and community. After looking into which trade routes are most active/fun and which areas were the most useless, we decided to completely remove a huge chunk of the world and focus on creating a solid fun experience with a smaller world. (world map is still not edited to reflect these changes)
    - Jangan becomes the new 1-40 zone for euros as well as chinese
    - Map of the new jangan mob levels
    - TigerGirl is now a level 40 unique
    - Jangan ferry links to hotan ferry, Hotan ferry links to jangan ferry
    - Hotan to Jangan & Jangan to Hotan teleporter fixed.
    - Taklamakan is now a 60-70 zone
    - Lord Yarkan is now a 70 unique

    Skill Changes
    - Higher level Euro skills edited to match 70 cap
    - Higher level Chinese skills edited to match 70 cap
    - Bards gain a KB on there booming wave
    - Warlock sleep lasts 5 seconds (removes sleep/trap bug and makes it a short CC)
    - Oblation loses absorption buff
    - Warrior screens and skins last 15 sec
    - Heaven Chain gains 40% chance 16 sec bleed
    - Ascension Chain gains 40% chance 16 sec bleed

    I've played here for a month its an oldskool server most people have played from 60-80caps best part imo is that it push you to pvp ba is every 2nd hour and you can get your egyptian set through ba, 8d sox dont drop you have to pvp to get it not pve. You can also do fgw, the forgotten worlds are bought at the arena manager for 8mil meaning you'll either have to grind or go on a trade run hoping no thieves are after your loot. It's a really active community already with around 150-300people online at the same time. Growing daily. Best part is that turkish ip's are banned. No botters or 3rd part companies trying to sell you shit.

    3 active gms doing events, not just spawning uniques at southgate also doing events like hide n seek, find the gm etc. The other day everyone went to bandit den to protect it from getting attacked by evil monsters from taklamakan haha. Pretty fun. FW is every sunday. Getting to 70 goes pretty fast with a Int char about 3-4days nto so hard finding partys if you already know people grinding the lvling will go even faster.

    So if you miss how silkroad used to be. this is the place for you. I left 8chars with gear worth 100b+ for this. It's what ive been hoping to get. no more fullbuffed ppl at samarkand south speaking bad english to you. Finally some real pvp action with the oldschool ppl

    Just some example of old guilds that are really big and active there: Fable, Infensus, Eternal, White_Lotus, BlackHand, SuddenDeath, Notorious(Former Avalon) Unidos, Avengers, Ninjitsu etc etc.

    heres a direct link to register for it.
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    it not a foreign legit server, this is an illegal private server, don't start to annoy me by posting in the wrong section.
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