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    Release Date:
    Friday, 13th December | 13/12/13

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    If you'd like to support us, please add this signature.

    • Cap | 90
      Chinese Only
    • Exp
      High enough to keep it exciting
    • SP
      High enough to level without any gap
    • Drop Rate
      Discussed in the feature list
    • Dg1-Dg8
      Auto-Equipment of Items (Full blue & 41% white stats) + Normal DropRate
    • IP Limit = 3
    • MaxStack
      Most items are stackable up to 10000 (10k). We thought, why stack elixirs and shit to just 1k when we can put it up to 10k. Stacking should make life easier.. and we will make it as easy as possible with this.

    [*]Resurrection scrolls: disabled Donators would have been too overpowered during jobbing
    [*]Tablets & elements: disabled Simply annoying and useless
    [*]Damage scrolls: decreased from 20%->10% (stack with dmg increase buffs)
    [*]Defence scrolls: disabled
    [*]Advanced elixirs: disabled
    [*]Astrals: disabled
    [*]Purification pills: mbot exploit fixed
    [*]Globals: Added level restriction and increased price
    [*]Vigor grains: nerfed to 15% and added to shops
    [*]Devil spirit: disabled
    [*]Skill changes
    • Force:
      Impotent removed ~way too op against INT players
      Debuff chance decreased ~way too op against INT players
    • Bicheon:
      Attack damage increased(3%) ~had to be buffed a bit so it can mess with heuksal
    • Heuksal:
      Stun chance decreased(5%) ~was simply too much
    • Cold:
      Added new mastery levels for snow shield ~STR users were way too strong with the normal snow shield mastery
    • Lightning:
      Final grass walk speed increased to 105% ~Maxing out lightning should reward you somehow, right?

    [*]Union Limit
    You will only see 4 guilds inside the union,there will not be some random Guilds showing up all of a sudden.
    [*]Guild Start level
    Simply start with an guild that is already lvl5 no need to waste any gold or sp. Of course we have fixed the negative GP error too. You will not get any negative numbers there, since its just simply annoying.
    [*]Custom Glows & SoX item looks
    This isn't a proper feature either, just something to make item distinguishing easier. The visual look of Moon & Sun items has been changed to 10DG.[*]Guild Limit
    Maximum of 32 characters per guild.
    [*]Stall Limits
    We have changed the stall limits to 500Bil gold.
    [*]Help Window
    It took quite a lot of time to make it and has a guide for almost any feature that we have. So if u got and questions regarding the server features or system please check first there.


    • Real safezones!
      There used to be thieves cheating with goods inside towns which had spots without safezones. This 'bug' is finally fixed.
    • Unique Spawn Areas
      We have added hundreds of spawn points for the uniques. We would like unique hunting to actually be different, to actually be more exhausting for the player himself.
    • Job Cave Uniques
      These uniques spawn inside the DW Cave (Job Cave/Temple).
      Aquila, Goliath, Montecore & the boss unique Morgoth will be spawning inside the jobcave. Each one drops an extra amount of coins, special items and also grant title.
    • Global Unique: Roc!
      Roc will be spawning all over the place.Just keep in mind that Roc is nerfed down to fit 90Cap, however it is still very strong.
    • Automatic Unique Titles
    • Automatic Job Titles
    • Automatic Title Grant Back
    • Special Trade Routes:
      These routes have been made to enhance your jobbing experience, to allow you to wider the spectrum of different possibilities of trade routes which you take.
    • Fortress War Kill Counter
      For a certain amount of kills you will get secret rewards. We are not going to tell you what you get. However, it will be worth it, plus there will be a ranking on the website to show the best fortress war 'killers'.
    • Unique Titan Scrolls
      Our custom-made NPC at Donwhang Storage you will be able to buy Unique scrolls for a set Gold price.
    • Job Cave (Donwhang Cave)
      The Donwhang cave has been transformed into the Job temple. The spawn has been increased by 600% in total. The normal monsters inside the cave also drop Seal of Star items which are +1 better than the 3rd tier items.
    • Red stat Removing (Durability Reduce remover scroll)
    • The Stat reset & skill reset scroll
    • Oldschool Player versus Player Capes.
      Meaning, you can activate the 'Player versus Player' fighting mode and automatically receive an oldschool pvp cape. This allows us to give you back just a little more
      of the oldschool feeling that you all want.
      It is nice actually, you feel like you are back in 7th~8th Degree isro again.

    Expert Features

    • Custom SoX System
      There are 9 different SoX Sets(+Accessories) and 8 different types of weapons in total. We have 6 different SOS Skalidor Sets with the same white stats but different "Set-blues" and additionally 1 SOM Skalidor Set, 1 Roc Set and 1 SUN Skalidor set.
    • Job System
      We tried to make a server which is based on jobbing and improved the system as far as we could. Jobrates are way higher than usual which means that there will be a lot of jobbing activity as everybody will try to get rich.
    • Anti Cheat System for Trading
    • Guild Co-Leadership
      Finally you can just assign a second guildmaster for your guild and let him do all the dirty work for you
      (The only restriction is that you can not withdraw another guildmaster).
    • Wanted Jobbing
    • Purgatory
      Welcome to the land beyond Hell. Our lovely Purgatory awaits you. It has an increased monster spawn rate. You have to kill the Leviathans to gain gold, elixirs and normal drops. This is made for strong active players, that love party raiding. In the future there will also be a Boss unique spawning in the room called: The 'Mother of all'. That witch will massacre you, if you aren't careful.
    • Additional JobSuits
      There are 5 different job suits for each job guild. They are restricted by joblevels, you will be able to buy a new one
      at job level 1,10,20,30 and 40. As your job suit improves, the job skills on them improve as well.
    • Permanent Buffs
      It's an awesome feature and will make your life a lot easier.
      These are your normal every-day buffs that you usually have. However, now they are real buffs. You actually have them "on" the whole time, no matter if you die, teleport or go Away from the keyboard. You will still have them.
    • JobSkills
      These are special skills which are automatically added to your jobsuit. The effects which are given are pretty nice and well rounded as well as balanced.
    • Weaponary Skills
      Another type of special skills which we have added. You will be able to receive these by buying weaponary scrolls from our Skalidor shop. You have to pay them with achievement points.


    • Achievement System
      For almost everything ingame, you will be getting points in terms of achievements. This means, if you complete one achievement, you earn one point. You will be able to see your current achievement point amount when you press 'C'. The normal "Honor points" are basically changed to achievement points so you can visually see it ingame and follow your point status.

      • You fail +XX, 20 times (or more).
      • You gain XXX FortressWar kills (or more).
      • Stay online for XXX hours (or more).
      • Achieve a certain Joblevel.
      • Earn different titles.. And so on.

    • Global item linking
      This feature is only available in the new silkroad files which have the new. Everyday you will be able to show off three items. There will be a new button in the premium plus window which will allow you to show everyone the item which you have in slot 1 of your inventory.
    • Item Forging (Disabled until people have enough achievement points)
    • Bounty PvP
    • Pvp Trainer (Disabled, until we gather enough PvP data from players.)
    • Automatic PvP Event
    • Automatic JobWar Event
    • Automatic Trade Event
    • Automatic Guild War Event (Disabled, until we have enough big guilds to fight.)
    • Automatic Zombie War Event(Disabled, we are still re-designing zombie monsters.)
    • Automatic Free For All Event
    • Automatic Last Man Standing Event
    • Automatic Kill The GM Event
    • Automatic Alchemy Event
    • Automatic Lottery Event
    • Automatic Race Event
    • Automatic Trivia Event
    • Automatic Hide & Seek Event
    • Automatic Unique Event

    If u would like to get more information about the server just check our thread at epvp its just more detailed there. Since here u got a limit of words that can be used for a thread, i had to remove allot of explanations how which event works.
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