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    Let us begin!

    1. Explanation?
    This build is probably the equivalent of the Wizard nuker. It contains no bicheon skills because I believe that only Bladers get the most out of this tree. This is mainly for support fire. Why choose a weapon mastery which focuses on phys. attack? Yes, it's good against other pure int but this is a support character, Chinese are known to be better at solo, but this is a Party PvPer, it would work well jobbing with other people. It would do decent at solo pvp. If you want a good PvPer, I suggest making a blader.

    2. Gear
    Of course, you want STR/INT blues, +s, HP/MP increase, SoX (if you can get it). I prefer to wear protector just because you're not too focused on one area and you're still getting adequate physical defense. It's a good balance between mag. def and phy. def although you will take considerably more damage from phy. base mobs than from mag. based. The extra phy. defenses and snow shield should make up for the (still) low phy. def. from protector. The buffs from cold (mag.) and fire (phy.) plus some good SoX protector gear should put you above NPC armor and garment.

    S/S have more defenses and can block some attacks. Spear has more attack power but no extra defense power or any extra gear to put blues on. This is why you use both. Spear for the initial nuke (because it's stronger) then switch to s/s if your enemy isn't dead yet. This will be pricey trying to get both weapons SoX, I recommend just getting Spear SoX. You shouldn't start dual-wielding until lvl 30 (or when you get your first nukes). Just wield s/s until then.

    3. The Main Skittles
    List of skills you will need. Full fledged nuking!! Cold 100 / Lightning 100 / Fire 100

    Until level 30 (when you get your first nukes), you should skill Bicheon, but only until lvl 30. Otherwise you really have no strong attacks until lvl 30. I only skilled it to 20 because I can kill whatever my level really quick with lvl 20 skills on all lvl 2x mobs.

    Cold 100
    Best for slowing down mobs, best phys. def booster, snow shield will help you survive.
    Frost Guard

    These boost phys. def. Very helpful since you have naturally high mag. def but low phys. def.

    Frost Wall

    Like the firewall, just skill the first level because it will prevent abnormal statuses, kd, stun. Pure Int (mainly the euros since no phy. attack) won't be able to get rid of the wall.

    Snow Storm

    These are your nukes. Weak compared to other nukes. Get them if you want a probability to give enemies (mainly mobs since it's kinda useless in PvP) freeze or frostbite.

    Snow Shield

    This is your best friend, at the 90 cap, it is around 60% mp absorption. That absorbs more than half the damage!!

    Cold Armor

    Permanently increases phys. def.

    Pretty much the only skills you need. Skill anything else you wish.
    MAXED OUT with Nukes: 477,241 sp required.
    MAXED OUT without Nukes: 304,314 sp required.

    Lightning 100
    Best to kill multiple mobs because of transfer hits, best mag. attack booster, makes you run faster.
    Piercing Force

    Increases mag. attack. A must for pure int.

    Wind Walk

    Good for walking faster and running away XD

    Lion Shout

    These are your nuke finishes. Save time and mp by just using this skill on low hp enemies.


    Increases parry ratio. Higher parry ratio equals less damage taken.

    Thunderbolt Force

    These are your nukes. Use these against multiple mobs.

    Heaven's Force

    Permanently increases parry ratio.

    MAXED OUT: 458,831 sp required.

    Fire 100
    Best phys. attack booster and mag. def booster, best immunity to abnormal states, strongest imbue.
    Fire Force

    Strongest imbue in the game. Will increase nuke power by a lot.

    Fire Shield

    By the last book, you're pretty much immune to all imbue status effects.

    Fire Protection

    Boosts mag. def. Can't have too much def XD

    Flame Wall

    I recommend skilling the first book because it will absorb any nuke of any magnitude and will prevent any abnormal statuses, kd, stun. Pure Str (mainly Euros since no mag. attack) won't be able to get rid of the wall.

    Flame Wave

    These are your nukes. Use the one that shoots forward for single mobs, and the meteor looking ones for multiple mobs.

    Pretty much the only skills you need. Skill anything else you wish. I recommend skilling Fire Combustion if you plan on jobbing or even PvP a lot with those tricky euro chars XD, unless you wanna use money on potions that detect invisibility/stealth.
    MAXED OUT: 594,486 sp required.

    Total SP: 1,530,558
    (with cold nukes)

    The End?
    Well this is it for now. Leave some comments and opinions.
    Just leave some suggestions and I may add them into this guide.
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    All builds have pros and cons. I have this build lvl 90 and it is an awsome build for grinding, jobbing, CTF, good on uniques too.
    However a bit weak in pvp. Nukers go off too slow IMO and weapon attacks with high crit will do the job on you.
    Of course it depends on your pvp skills, weapon switch to s/s or spear and getting your shields up on time.
    I recommend 10-1 int build since you are kinda low on HP if full int.
    Nice overall guide. Hope to hear more on this build.
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