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    Anyone had this kinda problem in youtube:
    You try write something one "about me" box. When i write something and try save it. It will say this: Invalid input in the 'About Me' field.
    I'm like what the love. Sometimes it let me save it sometimes not.
    One time i did something it save it >_<
    Just piss me off always i wanna write something there this shit comes up.


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    YouTube does not permit any HTML, vB or IMG codes in descriptions,
    messages, emails, or comments. As such, there are several symbols
    and characters (not all but many from among # % ^ * = { } [ ] | / \ < > )
    that can not be used. Check to see whether you're using symbols like
    these, and then leave them out.

    Two other common characters that YouTube many times confuses for
    those codes are quotation marks (" ") and ampersands (&). If you use
    either of them within your channel and profile description, they run the
    risk of badly expanding themselves into terribly long and awful streaks
    of "quot&,quot&,quot&,quot&," and "amp&,amp&,amp&,amp&,amp&,"

    As a matter of fact, because of that computer code's logic, every time
    you visit your channel page and personal profile, the "&whatever" risks
    increasing itself by 1 every time.

    Also possible is that you might be using normal characters as "leader
    lines" (which means too many repeats of things like periods, hyphens
    and colons). Starting a line with something like ".................." will not
    be accepted by YouTube.

    In a strange way, you're lucky that you got this message. Often times,
    there are no messages at all -- and things just mysteriously disappear
    or get refused without any explanation.

    Or, try to add some more text or make the text in the About Me Shorter. It could be to short or to long.
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    Thing which annoys me about YouTube is the error you get every 5-or-so videos you watch. Drives me insane and it only happens every few months.
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