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Friedrich the advanturer 6889657

Guild: EliteSpanish

 105 - MetalDrakon

Level: 105

Forum Sigs:
Thief AliasMetal_Drakon
[Last seen equip][Best seen Equip]
 0-Strength Scroll  120-Earth Fence  120-Mana Skin  118-Iron Skin  116-Vital Increase  116-Holy Spell  116-Body Deity  114-Holy Recovery Division  116-Healing Orbit
101+1 Satan Spirit (D12 Seal Of Star)
2nd hand
101+3 Strom Kaiser (D13 Seal Of Star)
101+1 Flare Armet (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+5 Tempest Polldron (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+3 Tempest Plate Armor (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+5 Tempest Gauntlet (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+3 Tempest Plate Poleyn (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+5 Tempest Greave (D13 Seal Of Sun)
Killed TigerWoman10 times
Killed Uruchi13 times
Killed Isyutaru8 times
Killed Lord Yarkan4 times
Killed Cerberus3 times
Killed Captain Ivy6 times
Killed Demon Shaitan2 times
Last Modified2015-07-26 2:43:25 PM

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MessageHow Long Ago
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WTT D14+7 for shield Chin D14+ gold .. Pm Yakushi
WTS (InvalidItem) 20b or WTT For D14 Euro PArts
Sarah <3 WTB 1 Kiss :P
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