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Teodora the merchant 5468434

Guild: __ComandoS__

 120 - The_Gho0oST

Level: 120

Forum Sigs:
Hunter AliasNW_FANTASTlC
[Last seen equip][Best seen Equip]
 124-Angel's Soul  118-Iron Skin  120-Holy Recovery Division  122-Angel's Body  116-Holy Spell  118-Warcry  116-Vital Increase  120-Mana Skin  120-Soul Deity
101+3 Heaven's Salvation (D12 Seal Of Sun)
2nd hand
101+0 Strom Kaiser (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+1 Ignis Morion (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+3 Procela Alette (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+3 Procela Mail (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+3 Procela Glove (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+3 Procela Tasset (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+4 Procela Boots (D13 Seal Of Sun)
Last Msgor dont know how to register ? :D
Killed TigerWoman17 times
Killed Uruchi6 times
Killed Isyutaru7698 times
Killed Lord Yarkan2 times
Killed Cerberus14 times
Killed Captain Ivy8 times
Killed Demon Shaitan1 times
Last Modified2015-09-21 5:59:21 AM

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MessageHow Long Ago
WTS 45 Screenshot to 45 Fake chars From a fake union PM me hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
WTS (InvalidItem) & (InvalidItem) . NO_WAY and Union <3333333
WTS (InvalidItem) & (InvalidItem) & (InvalidItem) Union FTW
WTS (InvalidItem) & (InvalidItem) & (InvalidItem) WTB Devil S female Grtz Eslam New char @@@@
WTS (InvalidItem) * (InvalidItem) * (InvalidItem) WTS Now Legend chinesD14+1 Legend , TouchOfStall go ask who is Blaze and who's GhosT .BTW buy char then talk
TouchofStall go ask falcon I F@KEd them 2 times in mini guild war so shut da F@k UP Staller kid
WTS This Char Lv 125 Warrior-cleric s Devil more infos pm _THE_OnE__
Grtzz ComandoS union . and Thx for all whom played FTW without bad words .FTW CS NW LordS :)
[Recovery Flame]
o_c_m i see you happy! next week will Delete that Smile and for ALLiANCE all of you on my shoes
Gratz Robert xX_SpydeR_Xx first Nuker lvl up 122 .. i'm next 2 days
[Dragon Penna]
[13th Magic Proof Stone(Legend)]
for +12 Euro Weapon my love <3
WTT Proofs +
[Dragon Penna]
for +12 Euro Weapon pm thnx __NO_WAY__ FTW
ana bhbik My Soul <3
love you <3
thnxxxxxxxx my aamar <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
and I wait my Girlfriend to write a special Global for her : <3
KlaSHinKoV <33333333333333 _Neno_ <3333333 Blaze9FGlory <33333 _HeLLFoRCe_ <3 _HiT_MaN_3 <3 :]
_HellForce_ <3 Tr4nsFormerS <3 __SenaToR__ <3 Royal__Dark <3 all _ComandoS_ <33
my friend _BlackSharK_ <3 memo<3 7beb hearty juwomen <3 ?_X_BlacK_
O_NATALYA_O <3 _KinGStorM_ <3 Terrminator <3 Xx_FANTOM_Xx <3 Tears0fAngel <3
Thanks all my friends for your help and support always <3 _ComandoS_ <3 Le9olas <3 zoro_m <3