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Barkan the barbarian 2897173

Guild: Ascension_X

 124 - D9

Level: 124

Forum Sigs:
Thief AliasDeeNine
[Last seen equip][Best seen Equip]
 99-Source Therapy  116-Holy Spell  120-Soul Deity  114-Force Deity  118-Mental Deity  120-Swing March  118-Magical Fence  116-Healing Orbit  120-Holy Recovery Division
101+7 Blaze Wing (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+7 Procela Morion (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+7 Procela Alette (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+5 Procela Mail (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+7 Procela Glove (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+7 Procela Tasset (D13 Seal Of Sun)
101+7 Procela Boots (D13 Seal Of Sun)
Last Msgty <3
Killed TigerWoman5 times
Killed Uruchi3 times
Killed Isyutaru4 times
Killed Cerberus1 times
Killed Captain Ivy2 times
Killed BeakYung The White Viper2 times
Last Modified2015-07-02 11:50:21 AM

List of global message

MessageHow Long Ago
checking in...still breathing...
Love being dead all the time...thanks Lag :P
Don't worry, everyone's doing it
Monster scrolls aren't going to make me leave from MY spot...quite frankly its pretty childish...
Aw ty, btw NO more 13d proofs for sale...All SOLD. -.- don't pme anymore :P
To the guy who msged me about the stones, joymax won't let me talk to you...restricts everything...
WTB highest shining stones.
WTB +12 or +7 Shoulder Euro Legend 13d, +7 chest Euro Legend 13d
Anyone want to make bets on if the inspection will take 6 hours or be much longer?
WTB lag free zone
WTB +12 EU set so I can sell it to NaymanO ;) but seriously WTB +7 shoulder/chest euro 13d
I know no one cares, but Jm could you fix your damn servers so I can log in?? Thank you in advance.
To the guy selling the little wolf, pls pm me